GTT Update: The Aurora 2 is revealed!

Last Thursday (May 9th), we finally got to reveal the Aurora 2! We showed what we changed this year, what challenges we tackled on mechanical and electrical field and of course for the hydrogen system. The night was filled with keynote speakers, a complete history of Green Team Twente and of course with an in-depth talk about our technical achievements. We explained more about the biggest projects of our year: we showed our new fuel cell and its cooling system, the gearbox and cardan shaft and at least the redesign of our PCBs to combat interference.

We could not have made this event possible without our partners! So thanks a lot to Kolenaar Mazda Enschede, Stage X,, Restaurant De Basis, Niek Erents fotografie, Blue Bolt Media, Studio MAD, University of Twente, SlideDog,, Mise en Place and Sligro!

Are you interested to see how this night unfolded? Keep an eye out on our channels, as the aftermovie will be out soon.

Photo by: Niek Erents

GTT Newsletter: May 2019

Newsletter of May 2019

Dear partners and hydrogen enthusiasts,

The testing phase has started and we got our new fuel cell, so hopefully the new test results that we will gather in a few weeks will show a higher efficiency than when we tested with the old one. Furthermore, the first race we will attend is almost here: we are going to race at the Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) Challenger in the Netherlands at May 24 and 25! 

Time flies, because our big race in England is only 60 days away! If you want to know more about our races (SEM NL or SEM Europe), you can find it on our website: and on the SEM page of Shell.

Read the full newsletter via this link.

GTT Update: we got our new fuel cell!

Good news from our hydrogen team! The assembly of the new fuel cell has finished and it passed all the performance tests at ZBT. For the new fuel cell, the cooling system had to be redesigned and fitted to the new cell. In the last and upcoming weeks, we will be performing tests with this fuel cell in our own system. The data obtained during these tests can then be used to finetune the cooperation between the different components in our system. Today is our first day to test the new cell and with the other new components in the car altogether, so hopefully we have got some results later this week!

GTT update: the location and the track of the SEM is announced

From the 2th till the 5th of July 2019, the Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) of Europe will take place. The exact location had been announced and we are going to race at Mercedes-Benz World, which has the historical Brooklands race circuit in Weybridge, Surrey, UK. The track is approximately flat and we are figuring out the coordinates of the circuit, so now we can focus on a preciser driving strategy for this track! Another step closer to the SEM!