Today was the first day we could work in our pit. The mechanics got directly to work with the feedback they got yesterday from our first scrutineering. In the afternoon we went inline to try and get a spot for a second mechanics scrutineering and see if they approved of our changes. We achieved one of our big milestones, we passed the mechanical scrutineering except for steering. We will fix the steering after FSN. 

Tomorrow there will be 2 scrutineerings, so now it’s time for the electrical side of the car. These scrutineerings are the electrical scrutineering & accumulator scrutineering. 

Next to working on the car we also prepared for our static events. Tomorrow, we have our Business Plan Presentation and Engineering Design Report.   

The Bussiness Plan Presentation (BPP) is a static event from Formula Student where you will present a profitable business venture that is based on our race car. Our BPP is based on hydrogen. For this plan you have to work out the financials, show top level project management and have convincing presentation skills. For the last year Amber and Lynn have been working on this project and they dotted their I’s and striped their T’s today. They are ready to face the jury tomorrow! 

With the Engineering Design Report (EDR) we will give a presentation to show parts of the car we designed ourselves. This event is about showing how innovative and creative you are in your designs. We made a presentation about all the technical sub teams and today everybody worked hard on the posters to make the parts of our car visual. For both static events we can get rewarded with points. 

Wish us luck!