The thrill of competition, the suspense of racing, and the pursuit of engineering excellence – these are the ingredients that make Formula Student Germany (FSG) a one-of-a-kind experience for aspiring engineers and innovators. We have left Enschede and arrived here in Hockenheim to participate in our last race of the year: Formula Student Germany (FSG

The journey began with a five-hour drive from Enschede to the legendary Hockenheimring racetrack. Arriving with a mix of excitement and anticipation, we wasted no time in setting up our campsite. After the practice from Formula Student Netherlands (FSN) our tents stood in no time and we had a well-deserved pizza dinner.

The next day had arrived and we began with setting up our pit area with our one and only hydrogen racing car: Apollo GDO. With our hydrogen-powered car at the center, we were ready to impress not only with our vehicle but also with our passion for engineering. We received a lot of interest from the other student teams as they came by and visited us to talk about our car. Seeing their enthusiasm also boosted our enthusiasm again and we all felt a sense of pride when we looked at what we have built together in just one year. Some of our team members took the opportunity to attend lectures offered here at FSG that were about programming in vehicle dynamics for example.

Thursday was a whirlwind filled with activities. The day began with a presentation by Sara and Alieke, detailing our hydrogen system in collaboration with our partner Symbio. The morning continued with scrutineering sessions for the accumulator and mechanical aspects of our car. While we didn’t hear any surprising new points compared to our previous participation at Formula Student Netherlands, the new feedback and tips we received are tremendously helpful, not only for us but also for our next team.

After a fulfilling lunch, it was time for Amber and Lynn to showcase their business skills. Presenting their refined business plan to the judges, they demonstrated growth and evolution since their participation in Formula Student Netherlands. The constructive feedback they received was also super valuable for the new team.

As the sun began to set, our day wasn’t over yet. Sara and Marnix took center stage, delivering a hydrogen presentation to all the Formula Student teams present at the event. Their aim was to share the workings of our hydrogen system, inspiring others to embrace the challenge of developing hydrogen-powered Formula Student cars. The evening was a success, creating ripples of inspiration throughout the motorsport engineering community.

Our three-day journey at Formula Student Germany flew by and we are excited for the following days! From the initial setup to the final presentations, every moment was an opportunity to showcase our hard work and dedication. Stay tuned for more updates!