Partnerships allow us to proceed our innovations and continue pushing hydrogen technology. They support us in all kinds of ways: with knowledge, materials, money and so on. Such that we together can make the world a bit greener. Our packages are based on the different isotopes of Hydrogen: Protium, Deuterium, Tritium, and Quadrium.



MAIT My Automation

MAIT is a software engineering company that offers software, electrical engineering facilities and IT consultancy. They have been our main partner for years and are always interested in pushing the boundaries of hydrogen innovation together with us.

Koninklijk Nederlands Lucht- en Ruimtevaartcentrum

Royal NLR makes aerospace more sustainable, safer, more efficient and more effective. The innovative solutions and practical advice strengthen the competitiveness of the business community and contribute to solutions for social issues. NLR works in an objective manner, for and with the (inter)national business community and government agencies.

Mazda Kolenaar Autobedrijven

Kolenaar autobedrijven is a renowned Mazda dealer in Twente and is highly supportive towards local initiatives. As a Mazda dealer, they believe in durable driving and pushing the limits of efficiency, just as we do. Kolenaar helps us with all of the mobility we need, granting them the title: mobility partner of the Green Team Twente.

Batenburg Techniek

Batenburg Techniek works as a technical service provider in the heart of the smart industry. With over 1,000 specialists, Batenburg Techniek focuses on making the production, cultivation and real estate exploitation of customers in industry and infrastructure smarter, safer and more sustainable. Smart components are supplied, installed and high-quality software designed to control processes from three divisions.

University of Twente

The University of Twente creates the basis for innovation and development for us. At the Shell Eco Marathon in London we will be representing the UT, just as we always do in the Netherlands and abroad.


ifm electronic is a company that makes sensors, and quality and service are the most highly valued terms for this company. They can supply both all-in-one solutions as components for sensor applications.


Twence strives for a more sustainable and green energy network. They believe that energy from renewable resources is the future. They are able to supply power and warm entire cities, with the energy they obtain from waste with a high efficiency.


Through talented people well versed in inspection technologies, integrity management, production and research and development, we have the capabilities to help our customers to reduce their operating costs, plan maintenance and rehabilitation work more effectively, reduce downtime or even avoid costly shutdowns, manage risks and operate with greater safety. Ultimately, we focus on providing solutions that safeguard our customers’ investments in vital and costly assets, enhance their operations, enable them to work in new and better ways, and preserve hard-won reputations.


HES Energy Systems

Founded: 2003

Home base: Singapore

Area: Hydrogen Electric Power for Aerial Autonomy


Founded: 1986

Home base: Maarsbergen

Area: PCB assembly


Founded: 1985

Home base: La Jolla, California, USA

Area: PCB design software

Euro Circuits

Founded: 1999

Home base: Mechelen

Area: Electronics, manufacturing PCBs

New Cosmos

Founded: 1996

Home base: Heerhugowaard

Area: gas detection equipment

Pressure Tech

Founded: 2000

Home base: UK

Area: pressure regulators


Founded: 1990

Home base: Reeuwijk

Area: Glue and chemical connecting agents

Metal Tech

Founded: 1983

Home base: Weesp

Area: C.N.C metalworking & machine building

VDL Energy Systems

Founded: 1953

Home base: Eindhoven, Netherlands

Area: supplies, car assembly, buses and finished products