Green Team Twente is a pioneer in sustainable mobility as they design, build and race with one of the world’s most fuel-efficient hydrogen cars.  They are a multidicliplinary team of ambitious students from the University of Twente and Saxion Hogeschool. With the development of one of the most fuel-efficient hydrogen urban cars, they hope to contribute to the future of sustainble mobility. Yearly, they compete in a hydrogen eco race. Currently, they are the European and World Champions by winning both cups in 2019.  


 As a proof of concept Green Team Twente competes in the Shell Eco-Marathon. This is an unique competition that challenges students from all over the world to building and driving the most energy-efficient hydrogen urbancar. With three annual events in Asia, America and Europe, student teams compete on efficiency: who can drive the furthest on the least amount of fuel? 

Green Team Twente will release their documentary “Waterstof, the Fuel of the Future” this year. During the 50-minute documentary, they will show people the world of hydrogen. Sustainable mobility is the central theme and together with various companies they discuss safety, misconceptions and the application of hydrogen.  The documentary is meant to introduce, inspire and motivate our society about a sustainable future with hydrogen.

Curious to the content of the documentary? Make sure to check out the official trailer.

For all our partners, invitees and other involved parties the premiere took place on the 17th of December. More information about the documentary as workshop, contact us.


Are you interested to see the documentary?  From 16th of January it will be published in Concordia. During these publications there will be a small introduction by Green Team Twente, the documentary and a Question & Answer afterwards. This to start the discussion on sustainable energy solutions.

The documentary will be shown hybride; online and in Concordia,

for tickets and more information go to Concordia’s website.


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Premieré documentary postponed

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