Race agenda

Formula Student (FS) is an international engineering design competition first held by the Society of Automotive Engineers in 1979. The goal is to develop and provide a platform for student engineers to experience, build, and learn.With more than 300 teams worldwide, it is the most established educational engineering competition in Europe. The name says it all, but each team consists only of students from universities. Of course, the teams work together with companies, professionals and academics. It offers a unique way to test students’ theoretical knowledge in a practical context.

Besides the engineering and racing part, the FS is also about students developing other skills such as designing, presenting and making a business case. The idea of the business case is that you try to make a car for the market of non-professional hobby racers.

The race has three classes, combustion, electric and driverless. We are now going to set up a new classification, the hydrogen classification. This year we will be the only one and we hope to pave the way for other teams to switch or start with hydrogen.

“I can speak from personal experience when I say that practical experience is essential for a good engineering foundation. Formula Student combines the practical applications with the academic study of the students, but also teaches the students important skills such as project management, dealing with finances and teamwork.”

Ross Brawn,

Managing Director, Formula 1

FS Netherlands

This year will be the 7th edition of Formula Student Netherlands. This race is held at TT Assen, the home of Motor GP. Formula Student Netherlands will be the first race where we will test our car and finally be able to race with our car! Besides us, there will be 50 other teams from three different continents.

Date: 8 – 13 July, 2023

FS Germany

The Formula Student Germany is considered the world championship in the Formula Student race! This is the largest Formula Student race in the world and is held on the Hockenheim circuit. Formula 1 was held here as well, up to 2019. Almost all FS teams want to participate, but in the end “only” 100 are allowed to do so.

Date: 14 – 20 August, 2023

FS Netherlands

DAY 7 & 8 – Last days of FSN

That’s a wrap! The final days of our journey at FSN have passed and man did we have an unforgettable experience. On Thursday it was time to pack all our stuff from the pit to make it ready to load into the truck of Heisterkamp that would come the next day. After we...

DAY 6 – Exciting Progress and Hydrogen Hype: Reflections on Day 6 at FSN

Day 6 already flew by. It was another day filled with events. We started the day with getting our feedback on two of the three static events we had yesterday: the EDR and Cost & Manufacturing Event. The feedback session was very informative and we learned a lot....

DAY 5: Charging Ahead with Scrutineering and the Three Static Events

It’s already day 5 of FSN! We started the morning with the preparations for our Accucumulator Scrutineering. We made the electric part of the car as ready as we could. They inspected if the accumulators were safe for use and gave us feedback. Some of it we were...

DAY 4 – Revving Up: Pit Progress, Mechanical Achievement, and Preparations for Statics

Today was the first day we could work in our pit. The mechanics got directly to work with the feedback they got yesterday from our first scrutineering. In the afternoon we went inline to try and get a spot for a second mechanics scrutineering and see if they approved...

DAY 3 – From Nerves to Knowledge: Our First Scrutineering and a Big Storm

The day started early with a collective breakfast again. The excitement was high, but the nerves started to rise a bit as well. We had our first scrutineering event: the mechanical inspection. Since we’ve never done a scrutineering before, we didn’t fully know what to...

DAY 1 & 2 – A Thrilling Start: Formula Student Racing Team Gears Up for TT Assen Circuit

Our journey at FSN begins! With months of preparation and hard work behind us, this blog will take your through the experience of our team at our first race: Formula Student Netherlands. Here we will write updates about how everything is going to take you with us on...

FS Germany

Day 4, 5, 6: Our Unforgettable Journey at Formula Student Germany

Over the past four days, our team has had the incredible privilege of participating in Formula Student Germany (FSG), an event that has challenged and inspired us in ways we never thought possible. As we look back on this whirlwind experience, we are filled with a...

Day 1, 2 & 3: Our first three days at Formula Student Germany 2023

The thrill of competition, the suspense of racing, and the pursuit of engineering excellence – these are the ingredients that make Formula Student Germany (FSG) a one-of-a-kind experience for aspiring engineers and innovators. We have left Enschede and arrived here in...
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