That’s a wrap! The final days of our journey at FSN have passed and man did we have an unforgettable experience. On Thursday it was time to pack all our stuff from the pit to make it ready to load into the truck of Heisterkamp that would come the next day. After we were all ready and packed, we went to watch the other team’s race. It was time for the endurance race where the cars had to race for 22 km as fast as possible. This was very fun to see as an racing team. Then it was time for our last evening on FSN. All the teams came together to watch the award ceremony. After the ceremony all the teams got together for drinks on the campsite. Team shirts were traded and a lot of bonds were made.  

We woke up the next day early again to pack all our tents and personal stuff and it was time to head home. With full trailers and our truck, we were headed to Enschede again. We said our goodbyes and everybody went home for a well deserverd resting weekend and thought back about the great week we had!