Green Team Twente


We build a car, and not just any car, but a car that drives on hydrogen! With a weight of around 100 kg and the most innovative design on the inside and outside, it is one of Europe’s most efficient hydrogen cars. 

We take part in the Shell Eco-marathon. This is a unique international competition that challenges students around the world to design, build and drive the most energy-efficient car.

We want to educate the next generation. By giving lectures at schools, going to events and spreading information on what we do and why, we want to let the youth know why hydrogen and sustainable mobility is important and why it is time to act!


How can we cooperate?

Our partners

By being our partner, you can help us reach our goals. We promote hydrogen and sustainable mobility, both by building one of the most efficient hydrogen cars and educating the next generations. As a partner, you can be part of the change!

The main thing we as Green Team Twente focus on is building one of the most efficient hydrogen cars. Partners help us build the car by…
… giving technical advice
… making and/or helping us with materials
… financial support

However, this does not cover all as you can help us in other ways as well! If you want to help us, you can contact us via the info below!

Giving back

Of course partnerships are only successful if both parties are happy, so we want to give back as well!

Examples of what we can offer are…
… to promote you on social media and in the newsletter
… to put your logo on our car, trailer, team clothing, partner banner and other branding material.
… to attend your events, even with our hydrogen car



Arno Verstegen

External relations
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