Our Mission

The future of Hydrogen

Green Team Twente is a team that strongly believes in hydrogen. We all know that global warming is a serious problem, but Green Team Twente likes to think in solutionsThat is why we are building a fast hydrogen racing car. With this car we want to show people that hydrogen is an alternative to gasoline and also more sustainable. For a whole year we are working on the innovation of hydrogen technology, networking at partner events, and of course racing.

In the upcoming years, Green Team Twente will focus on improving hydrogenchallenging the current technologies and connecting the different knowledge fields. Besides showing that a car can run on hydrogen, we want to introduce more people to hydrogen and what it can do. We are doing this through social media, events, workshops and even going to schools. After allhydrogen is the fuel of the future. 

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Why hydrogen?

Energy Density

Hydrogen is more powerful and energy efficient, due to having the highest energy density of all fuels! Hydrogen can store more than 200 times as much energy per kilogram compared to the current lithium-ion battery and more than three times as much as diesel and petrol.

Renewable Energy

The abundant substance hydrogen can be produced anywhere across the planet in a sustainable and clean way. Promising research have showed that green harvesting systems can be more efficient, but this requires further investements and research


Hydrogen storage technology has developed rapidly in recent years and is way safer than people think. Modern aluminum-composite tanks provide excellent storage being able to withstand point-blank gunshots without taking a dent. 

Refueling time

Refueling a hydrogen-powered vehicle will only take 5 to 10 minutes to pump the high-pressure hydrogen gas into the tank. In comparison, you will have to wait for 4 to 8 hours for an electric vehicle to get fully charged.   

We educate the future generation

We believe it is important to introduce younger generations to sustainability. Hydrogen plays an increasingly important role in this. During our workshops, we teach students at primary and high schools in an active way what hydrogen is and why hydrogen plays an important role for our future. In doing so, we find it important that pupils both have fun and learn something during the workshop. 

Danique Afink
PR & Education
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