It’s already day 5 of FSN! We started the morning with the preparations for our Accucumulator Scrutineering. We made the electric part of the car as ready as we could. They inspected if the accumulators were safe for use and gave us feedback. Some of it we were already expecting but there were also some new insights. These new insights give the new team a great base to work on.   

In the afternoon we were ready to present our Engineerings Design Rapport (EDR) & our Cost and Manufacturing. We were assigned a pitbox and made it ready for the presentation. Our posters that explain parts of te car were hung and the race car plus hydrogen testing table was put into place. First the EDR judges came by. The judges each had their own speciality and our team members were assigned to explain different parts of our car and what their design choiches where. They fired some difficult questions at us but we answered them with all the knowledge we had.  

After the judges inspected our EDR, a new group of judges came to hear all about our financial descisions of the car. The Cost & Manufacturing Event is to evaluate if the teams understand what the manufacturing process and costs are to make a prototype race car. They want to know from every part of the car, our costs and our make or buy decisions. They also want to see that we can show we understand the difference between a prototype and mass production. Tomorrow we will hear for both events with how many points they will reward us.  

At the end of the day we had our last static event, the Business Plan Presentation. We presented our business plan: The Formula H. Our business plan is based on putting up a hydrogen class for racing. With a pitch and answering all their questions we hope we convinced them to support it. We will hear this tomorrow in a feedback round.  

To sum everything up: tomorrow we will hear how our 3 events went today and hopefully get good feedback and tips for next year!