Day 6 already flew by. It was another day filled with events. We started the day with getting our feedback on two of the three static events we had yesterday: the EDR and Cost & Manufacturing Event. The feedback session was very informative and we learned a lot. We are quite happy with how it went for doing it for the very first time!

After the feedback session, the first few partners dropped in in our pit. It was great to welcome them to FSN and show our process. After we had a nice lunch with them, it was time for our hydrogen presentation & demonstration. It was great to see so much interest in our system. Once we started a big crowd had gathered around our hydrogen test table. Sara and Marnix (our hydrogen system engineers) first explained what hydrogen is, how it works and dove deeper into our system. When the presentation finished, they gave a demonstration of how the test table works and afterwards the team talked with everyone who attended to make them enthusiastic about racing on hydrogen.

In the afternoon Amber & Lynn got the feedback from the Business Plan Presentation they gave yesterday. The feedback was very useful and they got a lot of great tips for the next year. They got the compliment that the presentation was good for doing it for the first time.

During the evening our hydro-electric sub team went to the electrical inspection. Overall, this went quite well. The parts which we still need to improve is our junction boxes. For example, we need to isolate the inside of the junction box to prevent grounding faults. We also had a talk about what’s the best and safest way to combine a high voltage system with our hydrogen system.

Today was an exciting day for our communication sub team as well because Lars Pingen came to shoot shots for our after-movie film! It was great working together with him and we are very excited for the results!

Tomorrow is already our last day of FSN. Stay tuned!