Dear partners and hydrogen enthousiasts,

Tomorrow it is finally time to start racing! The competition starts at 9AM sharp. Today, we had some tests that went well, so it looks promising! 

We expect to find the results on the website of the Shell Eco-Marathon!
If you select the category ‘UrbanConcept’ and energy type ‘Hydrogen’, you will find Green Team Twente!

Today we had another day filled with testing. We had two time slots during the day, one in the morning from 9:00 until 10:30 and one in the afternoon from 16:00 until 18:00. Unfortunately we had some small hydrogen issues in the morning, which caused us to be unable to stand in line at 9 o’clock. Because of this, we got on track very late so we were only able to drive a few laps before the time slot was over. Luckily, we could see from these few laps that the car was working almost perfectly!

Since we had to wait a lot of hours and there wasn’t much work needed on the car, we had enough time to eat lunch with the complete team. Lucky for us, one of our team members, Joseph, is from London and his father was kind enough to provide the whole team with a delicious English lunch! We are very grateful for receiving so much support these past days from not only our partners, but also our own friends and family. 

After lunch, we went in for a second technical inspection. Of course, this wasn’t because we didn’t pass the first inspection or because there was something wrong with the car. It was because Shell thought our car looked very beautiful and they wanted to get some photos and movies of it together with the crew members of the technical inspection. It was really nice for us to get this great opportunity to show even more people our car and our mission!

Late in the afternoon, it was almost time for our second time slot of testing of the day. Every team member knew his or her task and the car and team were all quickly on their designated place. During this test round, we wanted to simulate the race as it would be during an official attempt, so we tried driving 11 laps in time. This worked out very well without any problems, and because of the long line to get on track we decided to continue and drive another 11 laps, which we could also finish without any trouble. After these two race simulations, there wasn’t much time left in the time slot and we decided to stop the testing. We calculated our efficiency and it looks really promising! 

We are ready for tomorrow! Keep an eye on our channels to stay updated! (FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedInYouTube) Or check our website!

A special thanks to all our partners!