This year, we are with 26 students, 24 from the University of Twente and 2 from Saxion University of Applied Sciences. We all decided to work fulltime on Green Team Twente. This relatively large team enables us to head for the new challenge: Formula Student.

This year Green Team Twente has three main objectives:

1. Pushing the hydrogen technology by building a new, fast hydrogen car.
2. Showing the world what hydrogen already means now and what it could mean in the future.
3. Start a competition within the Formula Student

This year our team consists of 4 subteams. First, we have management. Management is responsible for the team atmosphere. With many disciplines combined, it is important that the team works smoothly and the overview is kept. Also, management is in contact with partners. The subteam has the functions: Team Manager, Technical Manager, Communication Manager, and two External and Finance Managers.

Communication is the team that controls the social media, events and the designs of Green Team Twente towards the world. Communication also has a role in education. They also go to schools and give workshops enabling us to connect with generations of the future to explain the importance of sustainable energy transition. Next to the Education Coordinator, this team consists of the functions: Events Coordinator, Public Relations and Graphic Designer.

The other 2 subteams fall under the Technical Team. The Mechanics sub-team is responsible for all mechanical and aerodynamic components of the car. The main focus is on the handling of the car and the body. Within this team, 8 members working in CAD programs, the workplace, and on track when testing their newest creations. Mechanics consists of the functions: Structural, Vehicle Dynamics and Aerodynamics. There is one chief engineer who is responsible for the overall car performance, car concept and integration of components.

The HydroElectric subteam is responsible for all the power, safety and communication systems within the car. This includes the fuel cell, cooling system, accumulator, DCDC ,motor controller and motor e.d. This subteam is testing a lot to make sure it can be safely integrated into one system. Hydroelectric consists of the functions: Hydrogen System, Cooling System, Drivetrain, Control & Safety. To have a smooth workflow one chief is needed to keep the overview, help where is necessary and make sure all communication goes well.

That is how we divided our responsibilities for this year. All these disciplines work towards the same goals: performing at our best at the races and making hydrogen as a fuel known to the world.

We are really looking forward to developing ourselves further this year and achieving our goals!

It is with great pleasure that we proudly introduce ourselves as:

Green Team Twente 2023

Check our Team Reveal video below!