Because we will not race yet, we do not have to go through a technical inspection. However, we will do some unofficial technical inspection just for ourselves to find out how far we will come and what we should improve.

The technical inspection has a few categories and before starting, a pre-inspection will be held. All categories are the accumulator which is the capstack, electrical, mechanic, tilt test, vehicle weighing, rain test, and brake test. The pre-inspection can be found below, all other categories can be found HERE.


Before one can enter the technical inspection, a pre-inspection is done. This inspection looks at the presence of two fire extinguishers, 4 tires needed for wet conditions, 4 tires for dry conditions, and the driver’s equipment and safety gear.

This includes underclothing consisting of a balaclava, underwear, and socks. The driver’s overall and accessories, which are suitable shoes, a helmet, and gloves. All these items should be fire-resistant and strong enough to protect the driver when an accident occurs. Besides, the helmet should cover the driver’s mouth and not only his head because a full-coverage helmet is stronger.