Green Team Twente competes within the Shell Eco-Marathon. This is an unique competition that challenges students around the world to design, build and drive the most energy-efficient car. With three annual events in Asia, America and Europe, student teams compete on efficiency: who can drive the furthest on the least amount of fuel?

The competition is split into two vehicle classes, the Prototype class and the Urban Concept class. Cars in the prototype class are all about the ultimate performance, meaning there are no design boundaries. Cars in the Urban Concept class also drive as efficient as possible, but are design-wise restricted to resemble current cars and are also assessed on their driving performance.

Among these two main classes, cars are divided by energy-categories. There are subclasses for cars propelled by an internal combustion engine fueled by gasoline, diesel or ethanol. As well as for cars driving battery-electric and driving hydrogen-electric. In the final race, the Drivers World Championship, all different subclasses race each other, in the ultimate car of the future race. Green Team Twente is a participant in the Urban Concept class, driving hydrogen-electric.





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The Shell Eco-Marathon 2019 has been a great experience! We started this week not knowing how our car would compare to those of other teams. On Friday the 28th we arrived in the UK and our journey began. Luckily, we passed the technical inspection really quickly and without much trouble. This gave us the chance to make plenty of use of the practice rounds and make final adjustments to the car. The first competition day went well with good results for the first attempt. On the second day, unfortunately, the second attempt was not valid, as our hydrogen bottle ran out during the race. The third and fourth attempt went really great as well, which ultimately led us to victory. This meant we were the hydrogen UrbanConcept winner of the Shell Eco-Marathon 2019.

With this, a ticket to the Driver’s World Championship (DWC) was secured. On Friday, we had the technical inspection for the DWC and subsequently the race itself. This went great, as we finished first with great distance from the second car. This meant we had the world’s fastest energy-efficient car. However, this wasn’t our last award of the week, as it was announced during the ending ceremony that the Communications Award was also ours. With three rewards we’ll be heading home, back to our Future Factory.


Today we arrived at our campsite and settled with our Aurora 2 at Mercedes-Benz World, where the Shell Eco-Marathon takes place! We are ready for the challenge, tomorrow we will stand in line really early for the technical inspection!


Today, we had the first chance to get into the technical inspection. At 06:00, the first people of Green Team Twente were in line. This was done to start the technical inspection as early as possible. Technical inspection entails the checking of all different parts of the car: hydrogen, mechanical, electrical and of course safety. All team have to pass this inspection in order to compete in the race. Teams that pass first have more time to test on the track.

The first day of technical inspection had its ups and downs; most of the tests we passed with no problems, but there were some difficulties when testing the hydrogen part of the system. Therefore, we had to make some adjustments to the system at the paddock. Tomorrow will be the last part of our technical inspection. To make sure we pass as early as possible, we will stand in line at 07:00 in order to test as soon as possible!


Today, we came back to the technical inspection with our hydrogen problems fixed. We made it from 8/12 to 12/12 tests done! It was a long run, but finally it worked out well! After this, our mechanics aligned the wheels after being shaken a bit during the ride to England.

In the afternoon, from 4PM until 6PM, we had the chance to drive on the track, as the first Urban Concept car! In the beginning, we experienced some problems with our drive power. Nevertheless, we did succeed to simulate one attempt with 2 minutes left. After this, we did some rounds with our second driver. During this round, the problem persisted, so we quit the attempt in order to solve it. After bringing the Aurora 2 back to the paddock and inspecting it, we quickly found out what the problem was: a broken cable. This was fixed in a few minutes and afterwards the system worked perfectly again. This means we can test again tomorrow with a stable drive power.


Today we had another day filled with testing. We had two time slots during the day, one in the morning from 9:00 until 10:30 and one in the afternoon from 16:00 until 18:00. Unfortunately we had some small hydrogen issues in the morning, which caused us to be unable to stand in line at 9 o’clock. Because of this, we got on track very late so we were only able to drive a few laps before the time slot was over. Luckily, we could see from these few laps that the car was working almost perfectly!


In the afternoon, we went into the technical inspection again. Of course, this wasn’t because we didn’t pass the first inspection or because there was something wrong with the car. It was because Shell thought our car looked very beautiful and they wanted to get some photos and movies of it together with the crew members of the technical inspection. It was really nice for us to get this great opportunity to show even more people our car and our mission!


This morning at 9 o’clock we had our first time slot and we set out to also get our first valid attempt. Since we really wanted to get a valid attempt first before driving the most efficient possible. This means we wanted to drive the full 11 laps in the maximum time of 39 minutes, so we drove very safe and without risks. This turned out really well and we could easily finish the attempt without any problems. Our attempt was the most efficient of all the hydrogen teams of today! So at the moment, we are on the top of the ranking!

After the successful attempt we celebrated it briefly, but got to work soon after that. We had a lot of changes we wanted to make to the car to try to increase the efficiency even more, which we deemed too risky to implement before the first valid attempt was set. One of the things we wanted to implement was a software update to the capstack software. With this update we could use effectively more capacity of the capstack. We also noticed during the first attempt that one of the cables of the motors was a bit faulty, so we changed this just to be sure this wouldn’t cause any problems during the coming attempts.


We wanted to take our time to get everything right and since the second time slot was 1,5 hours long, we didn’t get in line at the first possible moment. Unfortunately, when we were in line, one of the wishbones of the suspension of the car broke which we could fix quite easily and quickly, but caused us to have to return to the back of the queue. Since there were too many cars in front of us at that point, we were not able to start for a second time today. But luckily, we did not lose an attempt over this, so we will have 3 more attempts left for tomorrow!

Late in the afternoon, it was almost time for our second time slot of testing of the day. Every team member knew his or her task and the car and team were all quickly on their designated place. During this test round, we wanted to simulate the race as it would be during an official attempt, so we tried driving 11 laps in time. This worked out very well without any problems, and because of the long line to get on track we decided to continue and drive another 11 laps, which we could also finish without any trouble. After these two race simulations, there wasn’t much time left in the time slot and we decided to stop the testing. We calculated our efficiency and it looks really promising!


This morning, we started our second attempt. Everything went really well in the beginning! All the stuff that we worked on yesterday, behaved really good! Besides, we chose to have a small hydrogen bottle, because that saves 1,5 kg. Until the last round, everything went really smooth. After this, the hydrogen bottle was empty. We had only used 43 litres during the drive, while the bottle contains 80 litres in total. This means we do not know what went wrong, though we know something did. However, we stay positive, and we have good news: In our attempt yesterday, we used a lot more than we did today, so we know our efficiency went up! The only thing we need now, is to do the same in a valid attempt! We are already in line and completely ready to drive the attempt with full focus this afternoon from 13:30!

To follow us live and check our results, see the button above on this page!


We started the morning with a briefing and an extra technical inspection, to check if we adhere to the extra rules that are set for this competition. After this, we had a practice race with all of the 9 teams with only 4 laps, which we ‘won’ big time! This gave us good hope for the real race, which took place at 16:00 local time.

Every car gets an amount of energy that is related to the energy that was used in the best attempt of the SEM, but then recalculated to 7 laps instead of the 11 that we drove in the Shell Eco-Marathon. All the winners of every energy type get 5% extra, so that means us as well! The start position of the cars are chosen randomly. We were lucky, because we could start in the first position! 


The race was more exciting and nerve-wracking than any race we had done before, but luckily we quickly had a head start on the rest of the teams. Our strategy was to accelerate really quickly, so the other teams couldn’t catch up with us since the maximum speed was only 40 km/h. During the year, we engineered the new drivetrain to be able to accelerate very fast and efficiently at the same time, especially for the Drivers’ World Championship.

In the last rounds, we even lapped a few cars! After the 7 laps, we finished first. This means we are now European Champions and World Champions! We were the first European car to win the DWC and besides that, the first hydrogen car! Below, the top 3 of the DWC!


Friday afternoon, the ending ceremony was held. Apart from the on-track awards, the winners of the off-track awards were also announced. At this moment, it was announced that Green Team Twente had won the Communications Award. For our diverse content, activities and strong brand it was decided that we had the most thought-out communication strategy. This means we are the third year in a row that the Communications Award has been given to Green Team Twente!


After we waited for the results of the others, we knew for sure that we stayed on top of the ranking and we were European Champions!  With an efficiency of 242 km/m3, we are the most efficient car of the UrbanConcept Hydrogen cars! We are very proud of our work from this week and the whole year! Thanks all for your support and special thanks to the team of last year, for standing at the base of this car. You can find our results on the result website of Shell!

After winning the Shell Eco-Marathon, we were allowed to participate in the DWC. This is a race about speed, instead of the highest efficiency. However, efficiency is still the main theme of the race. The top 3 UrbanConcept cars of every energy type (Battery Electric, ICE and Hydrogen) of the Shell Eco-Marathon Europe may participate in this race. Those nine cars are competing against each other to be the first to complete 7 laps on the track. 

Every car gets an amount of energy that is related to the energy that was used in the best attempt of the SEM, but then recalculated to 7 laps instead of the 11 that we drove in the Shell Eco-Marathon. All the winners of every energy type get 5% extra, so that means us as well! The start position of the cars are chosen randomly. We were lucky, because we could start in the first position!