A new year for Green Team Twente has started! 18 new and enthusiastic people, from Saxion and University of Twente, are taking up the challenge of getting the team to an even higher level. Again, we contribute to innovations in sustainable mobility with technically advanced projects that really capture one’s imagination. Simultaneously, Green Team Twente offers us a chance to boost our practical, hard, and soft skills.

As most of you already know, Green Team Twente became European and World Champion last summer during the Shell Eco-Marathon in London. This title also comes with the pressure to do at least the same this year, but we as a team are not afraid to take up this challenge. We even decided to add another challenge, we want to become World Champions with a road-legal car!

With this road-legal car, we are also going to look if we are able to set a World Record in the Guinness Book of World Records. This all to contribute to making Hydrogen more popular as a way of sustainable mobility. Because in the end, we all feel privileged to contribute, albeit it a small way, to sustainable mobility and with that to make the world just a bit better.