A report was written to give insight into the design choices done when creating the power train of our Formula Student Hydrogen car. It describes the cost and importance of the different components and starts with the basics of a hydrogen power train.

This research was done by Green Team Twente, a team of students connected to the University of Twente. The team has been participating in the Shell Eco Marathon for 10 years, with as goal to create a super-efficient hydrogen vehicle. The team switched to the Formula Student competition to ensure a new flow of innovations inside the sector. With as ultimate goal to educate the world about the green power of hydrogen. Due to the switch of competition a completely new power train had to be designed. The research done for this new power train can be found in this report.

The report describes the power train we have chosen after 10+ years of experience with building an efficient hydrogen vehicle, however, due to lack of time we cannot 100% guarantee that this power train works. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or if you’re about to recreate this power train. We’re happy to help and are always open for a chat!