Hello, we are Green Team Twente 2021-2022. This year, we are with 27 students, 24 from the University of Twente and 3 from Saxion University of Applied Sciences. These 27 students are divided over 21 full-timers and 6 part-timers. This relatively large team enables us to head for new challenges this year, of which we will reveal more soon.

This year our team consists of 6 subteams. First, we have management. This team makes sure all parts fall into place in the end. With many disciplines combined, it is important that the overview is kept. The subteam has the functions team manager, technical manager, communication manager, and two external and finance managers.
Communication is the team that controls the public relations, events and the presentation of GreenTeam towards the world. This year, communication has the new role of education, enabling us to connect with generations of the future to explain the importance of sustainable energy transition. Next to the education coordinator, this team consists of the functions public relations coordinator, events manager, and two graphic designers.
The other 4 subteams fall under the technical team. Mechanics is the team that takes care of the chassis and all mechanical transmissions. Within this team, 6 members are working in CAD programs, the workplace, and on track when testing their newest creations.

Simulation & strategy is responsible for the cooling system, aerodynamics analysis, and driving strategy when we are racing. Using simulation software the 3 members of this team will make sure these factors are optimized.
To actually be able to race on hydrogen our subteam powertrain is responsible for the whole energy transmission from hydrogen to speed. The 5 members of this team take care of the fuel cell, partly the capstack and the electromotor.
Powertrain is closely connected with our last subteam electronics. The 3 members of this team also work on the capstack, as well as the electronic safety system that is required separately from the hydrogen drivetrain to secure the driver in case of an emergency.

That is how we divided our responsibilities for this year. All these disciplines work towards the same goals: performing at our best at the races and making hydrogen as a fuel known to the world.

We are excited to get started with this mission.
We are Green Team Twente 2022.


Check out our team reveal video below!