Our new year’s resolution is to show the world how green energy can be used in the most efficient way in the automotive industry and increase the awareness about hydrogen! To show this, our ambition is to win as many awards possible for the Shell-Eco Marathon and protect our titles of champions! We are working hard everyday to improve not only our car, but also ourselves and make 2021 our golden year!

By doing so, our objective is to build even a stronger relationship between our team, help each other and push together the technological boundaries to create the most efficient hydrogen car! Being organized, having diverse team members and sharing the work equally, along with a good leadership, will help us achieve each and every goal we set for this year and maybe even more!

Our desire is to become closer to our social media community and to start new projects together that hopefully, will inspire others to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle. We are grateful for our community that is engaged in the climate change fight and it is taking the necessary steps to make from our future a green one!

We have got some requests to extend the deadline for our car design challenge, so here we are! The new deadline and this time, the final one, the 22nd of January 2021, 23:59 Amsterdam time!
Are you on board?

Stay tuned and do not forget to #GoGreener!