The documentary, ‘Waterstof Fuel of the Future’, is postponed

Due to the new restrictions around corona, the documentary and premiere couldn’t proceed. Instead of Friday the 19th of November, the premiere will be Friday the 17th of December. This premiere is only for partners and invitees. It will be published for public in Concordia Sunday 16 January at 16:00. The other shows will be Tuesday 18 January 19:00 and Saturday 22 January 14:00. All shows will consist of a short introduction from Green Team Twente, the documentary and finally a Q&A with our team. More information about the shows in Concordia can be found on Green Team Twente will release their documentary about hydrogen. During the documentary we will show people the world of hydrogen by discussing safety, misconceptions and the application of hydrogen with various companies. Sustainable mobility is the central theme in this 50 minute documentary.  With this we hope to introduce, inspire and motivate the Dutch society about a sustainable future with hydrogen. Curious already? You can now watch the trailer about ‘Waterstof, Fuel of the Future’