We would like to share an update about our recent event: the car reveal of the Apollo GDO, our new hydrogen race car. 

We welcomed our partners, friends and family at Schouwburg Hengelo.The presentation was given by Amber, Torben, Jeroen and Boris. We built up the excitement leading to the long-awaited revealing of the Apollo GDO.

And finally, the moment arrived revealing our brand new hydrogen race car: Apollo GDO

We want to thank our partners for their parts of the creation of the Apollo GDO. Their expertise, dedication, and collaboration have been instrumental in this project. We are very grateful for our partnerships!

Also, we want to thank our family members and friends for coming. It was an honor to share this event with you and we are grateful for your support.

The car reveal of the Apollo GDO was a blast!We are thrilled by the positive feedback we have received and are proud of the outcome.

Watch here the livestream:

Our first is coming up! You are most welcome to visit us during the Formula Student competition at TT Assen (FSNL). It is possible to visit the event from the 10th until the 13th of July. It is recommended to visit the formula student competition on the 12th of July, since there is the most activity on track. The event will take place from 11:00 until 15:00. Please note that the visit will not have any food provided. The entire Formula Student event is open for visitors, for which parking is reserved on P6.

Hope to see you there and don’t miss out on the latest race updates so follow us on social media!

Additional information can be found on the Formula Student website: