The final days of 2022 are in sight!

We have been busy the past few months with team building, researching, documenting and working on the hydrogen racing car GEMINI DKS. We have already
learned  a huge amount over the past few months already and are eager to reach our goals in 2023.

The mechanics subteam have finished all the first designs. Besides finishing the first designs, they are also busy with other things. Structural is now working on the 1D FEM analysis on the total chassis. Vehicle Dynamics has been busy validating the designs of the front and rear in-wheel suspension parts. Aerodynamics have made a new mounting for the nose and have finished the mesh refinement. 


 The hydroelectric subteam has also done a lot. Our hydrogen engineers worked really hard in testing the cathode side of our fuel cell. This include testing the compressor, the humidifiers and the intercooler. We are adding component after component to reach a working hydrogen system. Our Cooling System has finished a mounting plate for the motor and a cooling jacket to go with that in order to cool and mount the motor. Drivetrain has been the past two months. The junction boxes and the TSAC’s are now in the process of redesigning. The whole hydroelectric setup would be useless without electronics to control the car. The Control and Safety system has made a lot of progress with the first PCBs that are now in production.





















We hope you had a nice Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year!