Dear partners and hydrogen enthusiasts,

We have finally arrived in England, settled on the campsite and checked-in at the Shell Eco-Marathon! In the last few days a lot more has happened: for example we passed the technical inspection! Right now everything is going very well, every small problem that we encountered was fixed very quickly, so we are really happy! We will go in detail about it in this update mail!

Sunday, 30th of June: Technical inspectionAt Sunday, we had the first chance to get into the technical inspection. At 06:00, the first people of Green Team Twente were in line. This was done to start the technical inspection as early as possible. Technical inspection entails the checking of all different parts of the car: hydrogen, mechanical, electrical and of course safety. All team have to pass this inspection in order to compete in the race. Teams that pass first have more time to test on the track.The first day of technical inspection had its ups and downs; most of the tests we passed with no problems, but there were some difficulties when testing the hydrogen part of the system. Therefore, we had to make some adjustments to the system at the paddock. Tomorrow will be the last part of our technical inspection. To make sure we pass as early as possible, we will stand in line at 07:00 in order to test as soon as possible!

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Monday, 1st of July: Inspection passed and test roundsToday, we came back to the technical inspection with our hydrogen problems fixed. We made it from 8/12 to 12/12 tests done! It was a long run, but finally it worked out well! After this, our mechanics aligned the wheels after being shaken a bit during the ride to England.In the afternoon, from 4PM until 6PM, we had the chance to drive on the track, as the first Urban Concept car! In the beginning, we experienced some problems with our drive power. Nevertheless, we did succeed to simulate one attempt with 2 minutes left. After this, we did some rounds with our second driver. During this round, the problem persisted, so we quit the attempt in order to solve it. After bringing the Aurora 2 back to the paddock and inspecting it, we quickly found out what the problem was: a broken cable. This was fixed in a few minutes and afterwards the system worked perfectly again. This means we can test again tomorrow with a stable drive power.

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A special thanks to all our partners!