Green Team Twente is a pioneer in sustainable mobility as we design, build and race one of the world’s most fuel-efficient hydrogen cars.

We are an international, multidisciplinary team from the University of Twente consisting of 21 dedicated students, who believe in hydrogen as the ultimate answer to fossil fuels depletion and the shortcomings of electric driving. No polluting gasses, only water vapour coming out of the exhaust, fast refueling and safe storage: hydrogen has it all!

As one of the top student engineering teams in the world, we want to push the limits of driving on hydrogen. We show that we can reach a far distance by using a very small amount of energy (>900 km/L). Our stage to prove this will be the Shell Eco-marathon London 2018, the most prestigious student eco-race in the world.

We believe that the future of sustainable mobility needs more than a bold quest for alternative fuels or energy sources. We believe that it is equally important to use any fuel or energy as economical as possible. Green Team Twente is implementing this unique combination and showing the world by building an own-designed, sustainable car of the future. We see ourselves as a platform of exploration, innovation and education. We provide our team members an environment where they can be their own designer, creator or manager and able to find new opportunities making the world of sustainable mobility a better and fuel-efficient place.


Green Team Twente is keen on inspiring children and young adults for sustainable technology. And what captures those children and young adults more than a story wrapped around a high-tech looking car. Over the past years, team members have visited both primary and secondary schools, giving presentations, workshops and science experiments. To keep this eagerness of educating the next generations of Green Team Twente teams, we additionally founded Green Team Twente Young. The Green Team Twente Young initiative operates within a collaboration with the Bonhoeffer College secondary school in Enschede, and aims to engage young students with sustainable technology.