Fuel cell sponsoring

Why become a Fuel cell caretaker?

From this moment on, we give our friends and supporters the opportunity to be part of our car. The opportunity is there to support our hydrogen car by adopting a fuel cell cel for €25 in our online shop.

  • Every fuel cell caretaker will be thanked by receiving a place on our fuel cell. You are a supporter who is with us every step of the way.
  • To stay updated on our hydrogen race car, you can subscribe to the newsletter and also receive information regarding events and the progress of our team.

With the donation we are able to cover a part of the costs for the hydrogen system. A hydrogen powertrain is a lot more elaborate than an electric powertrain and as a result more components and funds are needed.


”Green Team Twente has always participated in  driving with hydrogen. Innovation in the field of hydrogen is an important core of Green Team Twente. The heart of the hydrogen system is the fuel cell and in our case a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell. The fuel cell produces electricity using hydrogen and oxygen. One fuel cell can only generate a limited amount of power. When multiple fuel cells are connected together a higher power output can be reached, this is called a fuel cell stack.

We are currently working hard on our new race car. By buying a fuel cell cel you are not only contributing to a greener future, but also helping us with hydrogen technology in the racing world. Support us in our hydrogen racing journey and become a fuel cell caretaker!”

Torben Sozef

Technical Manager, Green Team Twente

Fuel cell Fact

Our current fuel cell stack consists of 215 fuel cells. The fuel cell stack can produce 49 kW of power and it generates a nominal voltage of 129V, we use a DC-DC converter to convert this to 600V for our motors to use.


How do I become a Fuel cell caretaker? 

1. Click on “Become a fuel cell caretaker”

2. Select the preferred amount of donations in de shop 

3. Pay easy with Ideal or credit card