The Agenda

11 September | Ambacht21

Location: Zutphen

Time: 11 am – 17 pm 

For who: Young children

This is an event specifically to get young people excited about engineering. This year there will be a special tent with only hydrogen-related items. This is a perfect opportunity for Green Team to teach young children about hydrogen.


15 September | Vonk

Location: Meppel

Time: x

For who: x

Vonk focuses on supporting and accelerating the energy transition by providing smart solutions in energy generation, storage, and distribution, as well as solutions for green hydrogen production. This is important as there are shortages of green hydrogen.

(c) Image from Marting Bijzitter

(C) Image from Martin Bijzitter

22  September | O & O Plein Vu

Location: University of Twente

Time: 2 pm  

For who: Vu employees

The University of Twente and VU Amsterdam have been partners for years. As part of their partnership, UT would like to showcase the student teams. With this, the UT will show what work we and the other teams are doing.

(c) Image from University of Twente


1 & 2 October | Event at the university
Location: Univeristy of Twente
For who: not yet decided
More information will follow
4 till 6 October | TKH event
Location: x
For who: x
More information will follow
7 October Techniek tastbaar
Location: Het Stedelijk Lyceum
For who: Children from 10-16 years old
A technical event for children to get in touch with technic. For more information take a look at Techniek tastbaar